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Driving Directions


Coming From Washington Side

Heading EAST to Timberlake Campground on SR14
SR14 is a one-lane, winding road.  
A slower route, but the views are spectacular!

Heading WEST to Timberlake - Between White Salmon & Timberlake
There are 5 low clearance tunnels. All tunnels are safe to travel through. 
Stay in your lane & travel safely.

 For all larger RV's we recommend skipping the tunnels and take I-84 on the Oregon side
20 minute detour, but less stress!

Coming From Oregon Side

Heading East or West to Timberlake Campground on i84

Highway I-84 is two lanes. Take exit 44 for Cascade Locks/Stevenson. You will cross the the Bridge of the Gods (toll bridge)
and continue on WA SR 14 heading east.

We recommend that you DO NOT cross the Hood River Bridge in a motorhome or towing an RV.

The Hood River Bridge is very narrow.
Continue west and cross at the Bridge of the Gods and back track 20 minutes.

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